Curriculum Vitae

Hayley Juhl • Copy editor • Writer

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I help words become the beautiful phrases they always wanted to be.


Montreal Gazette • Editing lead
1989 – PRESENT

Having worked  in a variety of roles throughout the newsroom, I now supervise and coordinate the editing staff. I am tasked with establishing style and ensuring it is being followed. I assign stories to our engagement team as well as to reporters and photographers. I oversee the smooth running of our website and have input on our social-media strategy, working closely with the engagement team. As an early adopter of technology, a keen consumer of media and as the person mostly likely to have a finger in every pot, I am also the newsroom trainer.

The Senior Times • Chief copy editor
2009 – 2017

Managing a small team made up mostly of freelancers, I assigned stories, reviewed pitches and edited copy. I contributed stories and briefs as needed. I had the freedom to set editorial style and direction and worked closely with the ad team. I redesigned and streamlined elements of the print product and was responsible for all layout decisions in consultation with the designer. I established a website and an online strategy and  remain responsible for the ST’s website maintenance.

Astral Media • Copy editor, columnist
2000 – 2011

As an editor for Movie Entertainment, I reviewed and edited all content for the magazine, including scheduling information and features. I wrote a monthly column exploring the juxtaposition between celebrities’ private lives and their very strong online fan bases.

Freelance projects

Kathryn Relocated

Website development, building for an entrepreneur transitioning her consultation business from the U.K. to Montreal. Provided CMS training.

Little Big Voyageur

Website development, building for an entrepreneur launching travel and lifestyle magazines. Provided CMS training and support.

McGill Law

Editing of Focus Law, the annual alumni magazine, alongside a bilingual team. Having worked with McGill since 2015, I have helped institute style and have established relationships with staff in the department.

Life’s a Trip

This passion project combines of my love of storytelling with my love of adventure. Life’s a Trip chronicles my family’s adventures while road-tripping or travelling more conventionally.

Volunteer positions

CWA Canada

I have served on the executive of the Communications Workers of America – Canada since 2015. I hold the elected position of diversity member.

The Montreal Newspaper Guild

I have served on the executive of the Montreal Newspaper Guild since 2014. I hold the elected position of secretary-treasurer.

St. Monica governing board

I have served on the governing board of this elementary school since 2017. I was elected to the board and serve as treasurer and alternate regional delegate.

St. Monica PPO

As a member of the parent participation organization, I help organize events and fundraising. I developed and built a website to aid communication with parents and to boost our fundraising efforts.